Duder Saved My Life…

Duder Saved My Life…

I guess you can call me Dude.  I don’t really go by that name, but when we brought our Vizsla puppy into our home, the Name Duder came to mind and it stuck.  So, if my dog was going to be Duder, then I needed to be Dude.   We are Dude and Duder.  He and I have been pretty much inseparable since we brought him home.  He is always by my side and always wants to be with me.  

As we spent so much time together, I began to notice the patterns in his behaviors.  I watched his personality and how he reacted to various events and activities as they were thrown his way.   It has been, and continues to be an interesting exercise.

As we lived our lives together, the observations became lessons learned for me.  Little things he would do, I purposely tried to identify a lesson and incorporate it into my life.

I can truly say that Duder has saved my life. 

When he came into my life, I was not in a place I wanted to be. Duder helped me make changes that have had significant impact on who I am. Some of the things that have changed in my life:

  • I lost 70 lbs and I am in the best physical shape that I have been.
  • My Perspective on the world has changed.
  • I now take ownership of my life and the choices that I make.
  • Duder saved my Marriage.
  • I run, half marathons and trail runs.
  • I completed a van build conversion into camper van and the blonde and I travel to cool places, with the dogs.
  • I backpack and hike at every opportunity.
  • I choose to make my life as I want it to be.

My wife and companion I refer to as the blonde.  We have brought other dogs into our lives over the last couple of years.   We currently have Duder, a Viszla, and Roxie, a Weimeraner.  The four of us make up our current family.

I am writing a book to document all of the lessons that Duder has taught me.

Hopefully, some of the lessons can be helpful for you too.

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