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I use a Garmin Smart Watch to track my runs and workouts. I wear it pretty much all the time. It tracks my sleep and many other aspects of my health, all from my wrist.

Every morning, it gives me a “Training Readiness” score from 1 to 100. It uses some algorithm based on all of the data it collects to calculate this score for me. There have been times when my score is “1”, this is as low as you can get. I have never had a readiness score of “100”, which is the highest.

Here is the problem. I have a training plan and a set goal of running miles to get in every day. I set out my clothes the night before, I set my intentions (see previous newsletter, and I am fully prepared to run the next day when I hit the sack. If I wake up and my Garmin is giving me a low training readiness score, what should I do? Should I go back to bed? Should I ignore my training plan? What if I had a low score on race day? (which usually happens, btw) Do I skip my race?

There have been times when I have checked my score and verbally told my Garmin to shut up. I am going out for my run, and I don’t care what you think!!

Should I only work out and run when my Garmin gives me a 100% training readiness score? If I do that, then I would never do anything. 100% readiness just does not happen.

Disclaimer: Yes, there are times when you should take a day off. Each of needs to determine that for ourselves.

Duder’s Challenge
I equate this idea to anything I want to do. Let’s take my book for example. Should I have waited until it was 100% perfect before releasing it? I have many projects and ideas that I am working on. I cannot wait until they are perfect to roll them out, if I do, then nothing will ever get done.

As you prepare and plan for the next year, are you waiting for perfection before doing something? Are you waiting for the 100% readiness score? What or who is telling you that you are ready or not?

Well, stop waiting. Sometimes you have to act and still move forward, even if your score is low.

Random Running Thoughts
52 days until my 50 mile race. Woah, that day is coming up fast!!

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