New Things…

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In life there are always new things.  Sometimes new is good, sometimes new is uncomfortable.  A theme of mine is “life is what you make it”.  How we respond to new things and the attitude we take about it will dictate how uncomfortable we let it make us.  We all know that person who never seems to get down, always looking on the bright side of life.  (queue monty python song)  How do we do this?  How do we get there?  I believe that it truly takes a mental switch in our attitude.  Take a breath, look at the big picture, close you eyes, etc..  We’ve all heard them before, but they work.  The blonde does Yoga.  I ride the motorcycle and hike with Duder.  These activities help us to make that mental switch.  We can all learn from Duder, take it in stride and go on.

Duder, had been experiencing new things since he arrived to us.  Below, he has a new Bow tie, and a new warm coat.  His response is below.  He got used to them very quickly though…



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