The Road we Choose

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Duder and I were walking the other day.  We came to a spot where he could go left, right or straight.  He appeared to stop and ponder which we to go.  He even looked back at me for guidanceroad.  He eventually took off down the straight path.

Got me thinking about all the paths we can take throughout our lives.  Is the easiest path the straight one?  Do we always take it because it is the easiest?  Maybe the straight path does not lead anywhere good, but our natural tendencies are to find the easy path.

So, maybe we all need to take a hard look at turning left, or right instead of always going straight.  Might feel riskier, and even scary, but those paths might lead to better places.  As Duder did, look for guidance and advice along the way.

Life is one choice after the other, that is all we do, all day long.  Choose wisely.

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