Stop and Breathe

I captured this shot of Duder hanging out the window the other day.  He looks totally relaxed.  Like someone who just sat down on a beach somewhere and stops to take a deep breath and let truck windowthe troubles of life flow away from them.  Imagine you are in that spot, how do you truly get this relaxed?  How do you just throw your arms to you side, lay your head back, close your eyes and just breathe?

Taking the time to Stop and Breath is important for our well being.  Life is busy and full of stress.  If you don’t release it, it just builds and collects, like dust on your ceiling fan.  You need to get rid of it.

Every morning before I begin my work day, I take 5 to 10 minutes and meditate.  This is simply me sitting back in my chair, closing my eyes, breathing deep and thinking about nothing.  Do everything you can to clear the mind.  Once this exercise is done, I am calm and more capable of thinking about my day and everything on the to do list.

Follow the example of Duder.  Find the time to just Stop and Breathe.

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