Make the Best…

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There are times when Duder has to spend time in the backyard.  He is by himself, which he does not like.  The other day, I looked outside and saw him sleeping under the smoker.  It was hot and he needed shade.  He also likes to stay close to the door and monitor the house, looking for signs that someone will open the door.


He made the best of the situation.

Do we always make the best of the situations we are in?  I have always found it to be an interesting topic.  There seems to be a couple of lines of discussion;  The first is to always make do with what you have, find peace with where you are in life, be happy, no matter what.

The second is the opposite, where you should always strive for something better, never be happy with where you are and go get something more, never be satisfied, always be better.

I like to operate somewhere in the middle.  I am firm believer is setting goals for yourself, wanting things in your life, better job and so forth…  At the same time, you can never find peace in your life if you do not appreciate the things that you do have in your life.  We can always find something to be grateful for.  We should never take those things for granted.

So, follow the example of Duder.  Make the best of what you have.  Take the time to look around and appreciate life.  Remember, Life is what you make it.

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