The Wag

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Duder has a lethal weapon.  This tail of his can be dangerous.  I have been whacked with this thing many times.  He truly gets going when someone comes home, especially when he sees the blonde.  She will walk in the door and Duder goes crazy, wagging that weapon like a mad man.  (I would like to find a way to calculate the speed it is moving,,,)


Got me thinking…

This is a way that Duder expresses excitement and happiness.  He cannot control it.  He is just plain happy to see the blonde.

Do I get this excited to see the blonde?  When anyone comes home and sees this much excitement from someone, it really makes you feel good.  But, do I express that much excitement when I see the blonde to make her feel good?  Why not?  (one reason is that I don’t have a tail, and cannot shake my butt like that)  I should be doing this everytime I see her.  I should be showing her that I am grateful for her.

Guys, we need to learn from Duder.  Be excited to see our wives and girlfriends.  Show them we love them and are excited to see them.  Make them feel good.  Show them we are grateful for them.

Shake that butt and wag that tail.

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