Duder Hugs

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This is pic of Duder and the Blonde.  We call these “Duder Hugs”.  Duder loves his hugs and every second of attention that you will give him.  Sometimes he demands attention, sometimes he will just take what he can get.  The Vizsla breed is sometimes referred to as the Velcro dog, and Duder fits that description perfectly.

duder hugs

Got me thinking…

Dog breeds are different.  Individual dogs are different.  Some like the “Hugs” more than others.  The Blonde falls into the category of loving hugs, but I do not necessarily like hugs.  But, just because I do not, does not mean that I should deprive the blonde of what she needs.

I think it is important to always try and give your significant other what they need, whether you like it or not.  We should all know what the other one in our life needs, based on their personality.  Everyone has a different love language.  It is a very unselfish act to not worry about what you need all the time.

Learn from Duder, and give Hugs to those who need it.

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