The Road of Life

Duder and I go walking every morning, (I walk, he runs around in crazy mode).  We have a couple of different places we like to go.  We found this old abandoned road that is perfect for walks.  I walk straight down the road, Duder is all over the place, out in the weeds, jumping through the bushes, one time he chased a rabbit down the road for a while.

duder road

Got me thinking,,,

We all have the Road of Life that we are always traveling on.  We do not know where it goes.  Sometimes the road is smooth and straight, but there is always going to be potholes, blind corners, and hazards.  How we travel this road defines us.

A theme of mine is: “Life is what you make it”.  This is very relevant to our road.  As we travel the road, one thing we can control is our view of it.  Do we see a cracked ugly road?  Do we see a boring straight road?  Do we see the cool mountains ahead of us?  Do we see the clear blue sky?

Let’s learn from Duder.  When he in on the road, he is always enjoying it.  Finding other things to see, other aspects of the road that I may not notice.  The road will continue, it does not end.  Our ability to make it a good road depends on our ability to make it good in our minds.  The ugly road can be a beautiful road, if we let it.

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