Duder Loves Star Trek

star trek

He loves Star Trek.  He has a captain’s chair bed, sleeps in a Star Trek bed on a Star Trek blanket, and has a Star Trek name tag.  He tells me all the time how much he likes it.  Ok, maybe he doesn’t, he is a dog after all.  But I love it and so he must love it too, right?

Got me thinking…

Do our kids or those around us all love the same things as us?  I forced, yes forced, my kids to all listen to my music.  I even made them watch Star Trek every once in a while.  I want them to like everything I like, because obviously it is the best.  If I like it, then it must be good right?   I also think that all my kids should have the same philosophical view of life.  (Duder does)

star trek name tage

I believe that a goal of any parent it to teach kids to live their own life, make their own choices, and decide for themselves what they like.  I can influence, I can persuade, but ultimately, our kids grow up and they have to decide for themselves who they are.  As one of kids put it to me one day, “I don’t like adulting”

I look back at the things my Mom and Dad like.  Do I like everything they do?  Nope.   Did they influence my likes?  Of course.  I don’t think they like Star Trek though…

star trek bed

Let’s learn from Duder.  He knows that Star Trek is one of the best media franchises created.  We all should admit that.  Do I dare say it is better than Star Wars??  Of course.  We should all admit that too.

BTW, there are not a lot of dogs on Star Trek,,, why is that?  I can only think of one regular.  Anyone know who?

3 responses to “Duder Loves Star Trek”

  1. But your dad likes to golf and you like to golf. And you like to see musical plays, just like your mother-in-law. So good things are passed down from family to family.


  2. Porthos-Jonathan Archer’s dog. But in Star Trek: Generations when Picard is in the Nexus at Kirk’s cabin, Kirk has a Great Dane named Butler. I always thought that a bit strange not that Kirk would have a dog once he retired, but that it was a Dane when Shatner is a Doberman guy. I guess he got to have his own horse in the movie but not his own dog. Maybe it was a Dane because of the shorter life expectancy. Additionally, in the first episode of Voyager, Janeway learns via “video chat” that her Irish Setter is expecting. Later in the series when they encounter Q, he has the puppies appear in her ready room. She is so tempted to keep at least one, but doesn’t want to be beholden to Q. Not sure Capt. Lorca is the dog type. I wonder if Burnham was close to Spock’s sehlat? Of the new crew the one I would think most likely to have a dog would be Cadet Tully. As a cadet, I doubt she would be allowed to have it on board.
    Duder is very handsome and has very good taste. LLAP


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