Duder got Neutered…


Yep, we decided to take Duder and get him neutered.  As the blonde likes to put it, he lost his balls.  (in fact, at one point she told me to chop them off and hang them from my truck)  After the procedure, one of my daughters asked me this question: “Dad, are you going to make a duder blog post about Duder losing his balls? You guys have so much in common!”

Got me thinking…

First – Why is my daughter asking me about my balls?

Duder and DaisySecond – Yes, I have technically been neutered.  Thank goodness, not the same method they used on Duder.  Along these lines, some advice for those thinking about going through the Human version of neutering,,,  do not, I repeat, do not let your spouse in the room with you when you get it done.  The Blonde was laughing the entire time.  Picture that, laying on table, Doctor and Nurse working on that particular area and your wife laughing her head off.  Chills just thinking about it…

Third – The Blonde said that Duder lost his man card.  However, I do not think it was the neutering that did that.  As soon as we brought his new little sister home, they were gone.  As soon as I met the Blonde, mine was gone as well.  I try desperately to cling to it.  Try to do manly things, but hey let’s face it.  The Blonde is in charge, always will be.

And, I’m okay with that.

Yep, no man card here…

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