Chasing Shadows

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Duder is getting obsessed.  At night, he will stand on the couch and watch the shadows on the wall.  Occasionally, he will attack them and leave slobber all over the place and yes, there are some scratches on the wall (which makes the Blonde a little unhappy).  Most of the time it is his own shadow, and he will sit there and stare for long periods of time.

Got me thinking…

Do we chase shadows?  Stay with me here…  There are events and people in my seemingly long life that sometimes haunt me.  I will see something or hear something and one of those events that I do not like will climb into my mind.  I think about it.  It affects my mood.  I get obsessed thinking about it to the point of complete frustration.  If someone was watching this happen to me, they would not have a clue why, but they would see that something was bothering me.  This is true of people who have been on my bad side in the past.  They can still climb into my mind and cause me distress.

caveWhy is this?  Why do we let these things control us?  But that is exactly what they are doing, they are controlling us.

So, how do we stop this?  I do not think there is a simple answer.  I do believe that the first step it to at least recognize and acknowledge that this might be happening.  When we feel it come on, that is when we try to stop it from the start.  Deep breaths and simple meditation techniques can calm you.  Then tell yourself that “this is my mind, and I will not let this control me”.

Simple enough right?  I tried to teach this to Duder, but alas, he is still chasing those shadows.  So, in this case, let’s learn from Duder by not acting like him.  Stop chasing the shadows and the things we cannot control or change.

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