Duder is the Mature One

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We brought Duder home as a puppy.  We went through all the normal puppy training and pains.  Then we brought Daisy home and we started the puppy pain all over again.  However, with Daisy it seemed to be worse.  I was watching Daisy today doing her normal puppy obnoxious behavior, I looked over at Duder and thought about how mature he was compared to Daisy.  Made me proud.  Then he jumped on the counter, grabbed a stack of napkins and ran downstairs.  I was no longer proud.

Got me thinking…

What does it mean to be mature?  We use the term immature to describe someone acting childish.  So, as we grow, we are supposed to become more mature.  What does that mean though?  Do we all mature at the same rate?  Are we all supposed to be at certain maturity levels by a particular age?

I think we can use one word to define the state our lives, “response”.  Who we are and how mature we are is shaped by our response to life.  Everything in our lives requires a response from us, a physical or an emotional response.  Let’s take an example.  You are walking through a parking lot at a store.  Someone almost runs you over then calls you an idiot.  How do you respond?  How do you want to respond?  How do you think you should respond?  Anger?  Anger that last for days?  Do you tell Duder to go pee on them?

Or, do you smile and tell them to have a nice day.  Duder would run over and lick their face and make them feel good.  We should all respond to life like Duder.   Everything in our lives requires a response from us, make it a good response and one that will bring you happiness.

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