Vision Cone



Daisy had to have a couple of procedures done recently that has required her to wear a wonderful cone on her head for a while.  She seems to wear it with pride, always holding her head high (but that is probably because if she didn’t, the bottom would hit something and flip her over in a somersault).  She has learned to use it like a weapon.  She chases Duder around and attacks him with it, charging and swinging.  (think about it and you will laugh)

The other day, I was watching her, and realized that this cone limits her vision.  She can only see directly out of the front and she has to swing her head to see anything, usually in a very violent motion.  Part of me felt bad, but part of me found it quite amusing.

Got me thinking…

Do we have a vision cone?  Do we get so focused on something that we can’t see anything else?

I think there is good and bad to this thought.  There are many times when wearing our vision cone is required.  Golf is a perfect example.  If you are playing golf, and you are not focused, then it will affect you and will shoot a bad score, like my brother.  Other examples might include working at your job.  You need to focus on what you are doing and not let outside things distract you.  I had to put my vision cone on to write this blog.  How about spending time with your spouse or significant other?  Put that cone on, put that phone away.

daisy-cone1However, are there times when we put the cone on that it becomes a problem?  Maybe someone said something to you that you did not like.  Does this force you to put your cone on and that is all you see and focus on?  There are times when I have read something about politics or things going on in the world and found myself with my cone on thinking about nothing but that.  When these things happen, it is important to recognize it and take that cone off and look around at everything else.

Point is, learn to use your vision cone effectively.  Know when to wear it and when to take it off.


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