Attachment and Heartbreak


Last week, the blonde and I took Duder and Daisy out for a walk in the hills by our house.  It is a good place to go, with many trails and they can run ofdaisy2f leash.   On our way back from the walk, Daisy ran out into a dirt road and was hit by a truck.  We did not see it happen, but we heard her cry out.  We ran to where she was, one of her back legs was broken along with other injuries.  She was scared and in pain.  I was able to pick her up, load her into the truck then head straight to the animal hospital.

The scene was very unpleasant, and I do not like to think about it.

Thorough exams took place, options were limited.  Daisy ended up having her back leg amputated.  She is recovering from the surgery and has other injuries that need to heal.  She still has a long way to go.  We are hopeful and encouraged so far.

Got me thinking…

First, why such attachment to a dog?  She is “just a dog” right?  In our case, the answer was no.  She is not just a dog.  Our kids have moved out and these two “dogs” are our next generation kids.  They are with us everywhere we go.  They are part of our family.  The blonde and I are heartbroken that this happened to our little girl.

Second, are tdaisy1here other things in life that we are attached to?  I own a motorcycle and I do have somewhat of an attachment to it.  There are times when I might even think it is part of the family, but the blonde does not, so she makes me keep it outside.  I even had plans to build a ramp up the front porch and park it in the living room.  Would I be heartbroken if something happened to my bike?  Maybe.

Third, what should we truly be attached to in our life?  Is it the objects, like my motorcycle?  Or is it the people in our lives.  I would argue that it should be the people, primarily friends and family.  They are irreplaceable.

So, don’t forget your truly important attachments and let them know.

I have an attachment to the blonde and she has an attachment to me (especially when she is riding on the back of the bike with me.  She is holding on for dear life  😊)

2 comments on “Attachment and Heartbreak”

  1. It breaks my heart to hear about Daisy but I read from your heart how you and Blonde Love your furbabies and that is life our furbabies that is all I have now after loosing my husband of 42 years is my furbaby sadly it’s not a Vizsla this time around I lost both my Vizsla’s after loosing my husband but before loosing my 15 year old I found my next love a Dachshund and my 15 year old taught her the ropes before she passed, I hope and prayer your girl will regain all that she needs to continue life with her Mom and Dad.


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