50 Miler – Complete

Last weekend, I finished my 50 mile trail race. Looking back it was a great experience. During the event, it was hard, painful and mentally one of the more difficult things I have done.

I am processing the experience with some internal pride and gratitude that I was able to complete the race.

Two months ago, as I was preparing for the race, I sat down and wrote myself a letter. I want to share that letter with you:

Hey Jeff,

You did it. You endured the pain and the agony. You found the inner strength to keep going and you reached the finish line. Congrats!! This is a big deal.

I watched you cross the finish line. You had big grin on your face. Holly was there waiting for you and cheering you on. That one final step across the line felt great!!

Nice work. This is a huge milestone for you and I am proud of you. You deserve it.


This basic idea of visualizing the end results played a role in many ways. In my mind, I had already finished the race. I visualized myself crossing the finish many, many times. I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to finish.

With the mind fully committed, the body reacted accordingly and performed as it needed to get me through. The mind body connection is very powerful.

Duder’s Challenge
This basic concept of visualization can be applied in any aspect of your life. Here are some ideas:

Create a vision board with pictures of goals and targets to achieve.
Write many letters to yourself from the future with details about accomplishment.
Find daily mantras to keep your vision top of mind every day.

Live in the challenge.

Random Running Thoughts
Holy crap, these rocks on this trail are gonna kill me!!

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