Angry Run

Angry Run

I went out for a run with the pups this last weekend. It was early morning and something was just not right. I stopped and realized that I was angry. I was having an angry run.

Our emotions are always with us. Sometimes they are annoying and we do not always know where they are coming from or why we are having particular emotions.

On my run, I was not entirely sure why I was angry on my run. I had to stop and try to figure it out. I realized that it was from an interaction with someone that occurred two days earlier and the emotion popped up that morning for some reason.

How can we use and recognize our emotions?

I was angry during my run and when I finished, I realized that I had a pretty good, long run. The emotion in my head, affected my body and how it responded.

Duder’s Challenge
Whenever I am feeling something, I have started to try and recognize what it is I am feeling and use it. When I am feeling happy or a positive emotion, I will pause what I am doing and go talk to the blonde, or call a friend. Use the emotion.

When I am feeling sad or a negative emotion, I do something physical, like go for a quick walk to use the emotion, recognize it, and deal with it. Always try to pause and respond, not react.

Random Running Thoughts
I am training and running in the snow, how am I supposed to do a race in two weeks in 80 degree weather?

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