Benefits of a Daily Walk

My transformation started with my first walk with Duder. This first walk then turned into another walk the next day, and then it became a habit that continues to this day.

When I think back, I can list out numerous benefits to this routine that helped me. One, it was simply a new pattern in my life, something different. Two, it was the starting point of other new patterns.

If you search the internet for benefits of walking, you will find studies and lists of benefits of simply going for a daily walk. Here are some examples of the benefits you will find:

Improve you mood
Reduce Stress
Reduce depression
Boost immune system
Improve your Sleep
Feel the forward motion
Vitamin D from the sun
Alleviate Joint pain
Enhances creativity
Live longer
Duder’s Challenge
Go for a daily walk. This is not a 7 day challenge, this is a lifetime challenge. Go outside and walk. Every day.

Random Running Thoughts
My granddaughter is in her Kindergarten class right now, I wonder what she is learning today? What can I learn today?

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