Carrying Duder’s Poop

I want to share a story from my book that became very relevant to me this week.

When we would go out for a run, most days, Duder would have to stop and take a dump. Roxie and I would have to stop and wait for him. I would then pull out a poop bag, clean up the mess and then continue my run carrying this warm, smelly bag of poop.

Got me thinking…

I am trying the run and carrying this bag of Duder’s poop. Are there other aspects of my life where I am carrying about someone else’s poop? Are their people that have said things or done things that get into your head and you can’t get them out? There are so many things in life, events, people, and circumstances that are out of our control, yet we let them in and they can control us. We keep carrying that poop around.

Duder’s Challenge
First, we need to recognize that there are thoughts going on in our head that can drive us crazy and these thoughts serve no purpose except to bring us down.

How can we stop doing this? How can we get these thoughts out of our minds!!

One thing that I try to do is, stop and breathe, close my eyes, and visualize them in a big room with me. On one of the walls of the room is a big red door. I open the door and push them out, then close the door. This helps me to get them out of my mind.

Random Running Thoughts
Ok, the wind is blowing 30 miles an hour out there… Should I still go out for my run?

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