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Frustrating things….

When Duder gets up in the middle of the night and has to go out, it it quite annoying.  I put him the back yard and wait.  This is him looking in the window with great disappointment.  Why can’t I come in?!!  This has got to be very frustrating for him.  He wants back in, but he has to wait for a bit…


Got me thinking,,,

Are there things in our life that are frustrating but out of our control?  Perfect example is butter.  I was making toast the other day.  Plop some bread in the toaster, get out the butter only to find the butter dish empty.  I then have to get out a rock hard cube from the freezer.  How are you supposed to butter toast with rock hard butter?  (yeah, I know, nuke it for a bit, then it gets messy, etc.. etc..)  Frustrating.

Every Saturday, there is a collective moan of frustration across the world for everyone mowing the lawn.  I’m talking about the inevitable event of your edger running out of string.  You are edging along, then boom, no more plastic string.  I usually utter some choice words, whine and complain a bit, then go about the task of putting more in.  Not an easy task.  I think about everyone mowing their lawn and we are collectively whining about the edger string.  I think it disrupts the universe with a massive surge of negative energy.

Duder eventually gets in, the lawn eventually gets finished, and the butter will melt on the toast.  How do we control our emotions and not let these uncontrollable events control us?  We have things like this all the time and in every aspect of our lives.  If they are out of our control; stop, take a breath, evaluate, and respond to the situation. (not react)

Of course, if they are events that are we can control, then take action.