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What is with these girls???


We brought Daisy home a little while ago to join us in our family.  Duder now has someone new to play with.  This was a change for him, everything was different and he had to adjust.  The blonde and I had some adjustments to make as well.  Duder was no longer the king of the castle.  Daisy has taken over as the princess ruler.

One day, Duder was sitting on the chair and Daisy was trying her best to pester him.  He gave me this pleading look of “Dad, what is up with girls?  They are such a pain!!”

Got me thinking…

Girls are a pain.

drinkingfromthebowlGuess I could end there huh??  But let’s explore this a bit.  I love it when the Blonde asks me what I want for dinner.  We all know is doesn’t matter what I want for dinner.   Eating food off my plate.  They take forever getting ready to go.  Always needing to be center of attention.  Shopping (nothing more needs to be said about that).  Chick-Flicks (no, not another one?)  Entire closet just for shoes.

At the same time, girls are our lifeblood.  Let’s face it, we cannot live without them.  They add a wonderful dimension to our lives that evens us out.  Makes us better people with their genuine love of life and people and influence they have over us.

Guys, we need to cherish those girls in our lives, whether they are spouses, daughters, or moms.  Show them the love they deserve.  Take some time to reflect on the good they add to our lives and find true gratitude for them.  Duder has.