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Marking our Territory…

When Duder first started to lift his leg to pee, it kind of freaked the blonde out a bit.  She thought it was sign that he was out looking for a mate.  Not true (although if he found one, he certainly knows what to do).  Dogs do this to mark their territory.  To tell the other dogs that, “this is my turf and I am here!!”


Got me thinking…

Do we as humans do this?  Do we mark our territory?  (No, not with pee.)

I have a man cave in my basement.  I like to think that it it my room and I can do with it what I like.  The blonde thinks differently.  She is always trying to sneak decorations in.  She is marking her territory, IN MY MAN CAVE!!!

She put this cute little bowl and cute little balls of some kind in.  Now I ask you, bowldoes this fit in a man cave??!!

Now, I will admit that there are certain things that I do that might be considered marking my territory.  For example,

  • When I am out in the wood shop and walk in the house, I pretty much leave a trail of sawdust everywhere.  It is a manly trail though..
  • Pretty sure I leave a bad scent everywhere inside after doing something outside.
  • Every time I go in the kitchen, I leave my mark.

There are some times when the blonde leaves her mark and I like it.  When she leaves a room, but I can still smell her sweet scent.  I like that.

action figures

The blonde did tell me that I could put a Wonder Woman action figure in my cave.  I would do this for her though, so that she could mark my territory.  Yes, it would be for her, not for me at all.  Wonder Woman would stand proudly next to Captain America and Thor.  (I think the blonde has a crush on Thor)

Let’s learn from Duder.  Mark our territories, but, leave good marks.  Positive interactions.  Smiling people everywhere we go.