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Duder is the Mature One


We brought Duder home as a puppy.  We went through all the normal puppy training and pains.  Then we brought Daisy home and we started the puppy pain all over again.  However, with Daisy it seemed to be worse.  I was watching Daisy today doing her normal puppy obnoxious behavior, I looked over at Duder and thought about how mature he was compared to Daisy.  Made me proud.  Then he jumped on the counter, grabbed a stack of napkins and ran downstairs.  I was no longer proud.

Got me thinking…

What does it mean to be mature?  We use the term immature to describe someone acting childish.  So, as we grow, we are supposed to become more mature.  What does that mean though?  Do we all mature at the same rate?  Are we all supposed to be at certain maturity levels by a particular age?

I think we can use one word to define the state our lives, “response”.  Who we are and how mature we are is shaped by our response to life.  Everything in our lives requires a response from us, a physical or an emotional response.  Let’s take an example.  You are walking through a parking lot at a store.  Someone almost runs you over then calls you an idiot.  How do you respond?  How do you want to respond?  How do you think you should respond?  Anger?  Anger that last for days?  Do you tell Duder to go pee on them?

Or, do you smile and tell them to have a nice day.  Duder would run over and lick their face and make them feel good.  We should all respond to life like Duder.   Everything in our lives requires a response from us, make it a good response and one that will bring you happiness.

Duder got Neutered…


We took Duder through the wonderful time of getting neutered.  As the blonde likes to put it, he lost his balls.  (in fact, at one point she told me to chop them off and hang them from my truck)  After the procedure, one of my daughters asked me this question: “Dad, are you going to make a duder blog post about losing your balls? You guys have so much in common!”

Got me thinking…

First – Why is my daughter asking me about my balls?

Duder and DaisySecond – Yes, I have technically been neutered.  Thank goodness, not the same method they used on Duder.  Along these lines, some advice for those thinking about going through the Human version of neutering,,,  do not, I repeat, do not let your spouse in the room with you when you get it done.  The Blonde was laughing the entire time.  Picture that, laying on table, Doctor and Nurse working on that particular area and your wife laughing her head off.  Chills just thinking about it…

Third – The Blonde said that Duder lost his man card.  However, I do not think it was the neutering that did that.  As soon as we brought his new little sister home, they were gone.  As soon as I met the Blonde, mine was gone as well.  I try desperately to cling to it.  Try to do manly things, but hey let’s face it.  The Blonde is in charge, always will be.

And, I’m okay with that.

Yep, no man card here…


New Things…

In life there are always new things.  Sometimes new is good, sometimes new is uncomfortable.  A theme of mine is “life is what you make it”.  How we respond to new things and the attitude we take about it will dictate how uncomfortable we let it make us.  We all know that person who never seems to get down, always looking on the bright side of life.  (queue monty python song)  How do we do this?  How do we get there?  I believe that it truly takes a mental switch in our attitude.  Take a breath, look at the big picture, close you eyes, etc..  We’ve all heard them before, but they work.  The blonde does Yoga.  I ride the motorcycle and hike with Duder.  These activities help us to make that mental switch.  We can all learn from Duder, take it in stride and go on.

Duder, had been experiencing new things since he arrived to us.  Below, he has a new Bow tie, and a new warm coat.  His response is below.  He got used to them very quickly though…



Training – in the toilet?

Training a puppy is fun!!!  Teaching them what to do, what not to do… It can be exhausting.  Duder has been pretty good in his training.  We put a bell by the back door and he rings when he needs to go out.  This has backfired a bit as he will ring it when he is not getting the attention that he wants.  The blond even thought she could teach him how to go in the toilet,,, see video below.

Got me thinking,,,,  am I trained?  Has the blonde trained me over the years?  Holy Crap!!  she has me so trained it’s scary.  examples:

  • She can look at me with one particular look in her eyes and I know that I need to go to the store and get her ice cream.  Don’t even have to ask.
  • If she calls me on the phone, the tone of her voice gives me instruction, no need to listen to the words.  I am trained to obey.
  • She says:  “this wall is too empty” – I obey by walking to the shop and building a shelf.
  • She comes into my man cave, I hand her the remote.
  • She folds her arms, I get her a blanket.
  • She says: “Honey Bunny….”  I grab her key and go fill her car up with gas.
  • The list goes on…but I get my treat, so I am happy.
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The Bow Tie

The blonde decided we need to dress him up with a bow tie.  He looks rather dashing eh?

This concept of the blonde dressing people up is nothing new.  She has been doing this to me since we met, 30 plus years ago.   Why do women do that?  Some possibilities:

  • She does not want to be embarrassed to be seen with me?
  • She needs to be in total control of every aspect of my existence?
  • She is giving me a hint that she wants me to dress her?
  • I have no fashion sense?  (actually, I just don’t care)
  • I have turned into one of her dolls from her childhood and she just likes to play dress-up with me?


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