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Making the Blonde Happy

If anyone follows @duderanddaisy on Instagram, you know that the blonde loves to dress the dogs up.  Sometimes I feel bad for them.  I mean come on, dogs aren’t supposed to be dressed up like that??  It’s pure torture, right?  I see all the work tduderhat the blonde goes through to get them to sit still and put clothes on them, then sit still while she takes all the pics.  (everyone should observe one of these pictures sessions, it is very trying for her, and quite hilarious for me)

So, why do the dogs go through all that?  In their case, they definitely get rewarded with treats and attention.

Got me thinking…

Does the blonde want me to do things that I don’t want to do?  Of course.  She tries to dress me as well.  Makes me go shopping with her.  Watch the chick flicks.  You should see my honey do list,,,holy cow its big.

So, why do I go through all that?  Because, I get rewarded as well.  It makes the blonde happy, which in turn makes me happy.  That is my reward.

Why do we do anything in life?  Do we always expect to get rewarded?  Do we only do things if we get something in return?

How about service or charitable work fdasiyor our fellow humans.  Do we only do this if we get something out of it?

How about we change the mindset a bit.  We do it, and should do it, purely because we care.  Purely because we should.  I believe we are all born with a basic goodness in our hearts and want to help others because it is the right thing to do.

So, go find a neighbor, a friend, a colleague that needs your time and attention.  Don’t look for anything in return, just do it because you should.

Simple Gestures

Duder and I go for a walk every morning.  We drive over to a place where he can go off leash.  As we drive over, he will occasionally put his head on my shoulder.  It is amazing how this simple gesture can just make my day.  It is his way of showing affection for me,,(either that or he is telling me to “hurry up, I have to pee!!”)


Got me thinking…

What are the simple gestures we do for those around us?  For me, it is very easy to get so wrapped up and worried about my world that I forget the needs of everyone else.   Everyone has stress and worries in life.  A simple act of kindness can truly make a huge difference for someone.  We do not know what is going on in other’s minds.  Take the time a do something small for someone else around you.  These can be simple things, like a genuine smile, handwritten note, text to say hi, hugs, etc…

Let’s learn from Duder, make someone’s day with a simple gesture.