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Personal Space

Duder doespace dudes not understand the concept of personal space.  If you are sitting down somewhere, he wants to be on your lap.  He wants to be in your space and in your world.  I work from home and he loves to jump up on my chair and help me work.  (he is not a very good worker though…)

Got me thinking…

There are people we associate with who like to get into our personal space.  Sometimes we like and appreciate it, sometimes we do not.  I also believe that we sometimes push people away when maybe we shouldn’t.

space blonde

Also, do we get into other people’s personal space when maybe we shouldn’t?  I do think there is a line that can be crossed as we interact with our fellow human beings.

However, we are human and it is easy for us to put up our walls and tell everyone to get out.  Is that healthy?  Maybe we need to let them into our personal space.

For people close to us, they may have the walls up, but inside that are wanting us to punch a hole in the wall and come in, because they do not know where the door is.

Let’s learn from Duder.  Simple acts go along way.  He just wants to be there with us, without saying a word, he is communicating a lot.  He will listen to anything we tell him.