Running in the Rain

We had some rain and crummy weather this week.  Bad weather always plays a role in our daily running.  I don’t care what the weather is.  I still want to go out and get out and run.  Sometimes I have to give Dude a little push and pull to get him out the door, but we made a commitment to each other.  There is no backing down.  If it is raining, then we run in the rain.

The lesson is that there will always be rain and weather in life.  This might include unexpected events.  Could be something that didn’t go as planned.  Could be minor things like someone said something to you that you didn’t like, or a car pulled out in front of you, or your spouse gives you that “look”.   You need to decide how you will respond to these things.  Will you keep going?  These will become excuses to stop you in your tracks if you let them.

There was a time where the rain of life was an easy excuse for me to curl up in a mental ball and stop moving forward.  I go out and run (or walk) no matter the weather.  It is my anchor and I use it as a symbol to keep moving forward.  Any forward motion is good.

Find your anchor.

This week’s Challenge…

Spend some time thinking about the ‘rain of life’ events that slow you down and bring you to your knees. If you know what they are, then you can be better equipped to keep moving forward when they happen. And, yes, they will happen. Be prepared.

Go and run in the rain.

Random Running Thoughts

How long is it gonna take for the big pile of horse poop to dissolve into the trail?

Have you read the book?  Did you enjoy it?

Would you please go to Amazon and give the book a review and hopefully a 5 star rating!

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