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Hello!! I am Duder. It has taken me some time, but I have changed my owner’s life, but I still have to challenge him to keep him on track.


Here is what I have on my mind this week…


Lesson I taught Dude this week…

Dude took Roxie and me for a long trail run this last weekend.  We did about 16 miles and we did a lot of climbing.  One thing I noticed was that we parked and then just ran straight away from the truck for 8 miles, then turned around to head back.

What I realized is that Dude did this on purpose.  He ran away from the truck so when he turned around, there was no other option than to run 8 miles back.  We could not stop.  We had no choice.  We needed that long run in, so we created an environment that made sure we completed it.  If we had just run in a circle around the truck, this scenario would have given us plenty of opportunity to just stop.

Lesson: create environments and circumstances in other areas of life that will ensure that you won’t stop.  You must keep going, there is no other choice.  Some examples, might include:

Sign up for the running, biking or swimming race.  Pay the money.  Put your name on the list.

Volunteer for the community project, better yet be in charge.

Ask your boss for more projects or more responsibilities.

Find accountability friends, tell them one of your goals, ask them to monitor and keep you on track.

Find things that challenge you

Bottom line is to not give yourself easy ways out.  Make it hard to quit.


Random Running Thoughts…

I wonder if it is possible to count the number of insects I hear on the trail?


Have you read the book?  Did you enjoy it?…

Would you please go to Amazon and give the book a review and hopefully a 5 star rating!!!

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