Now What?

I have my 50 mile trail race in 3 days.  I have been preparing and planning for this race for a long time.  This will be the longest race I have done, and it will be a major accomplishment for me.

I haven’t even run the race yet, and yet I am already asking myself, “now what?”.  It is a great question.

Over the last 5 years, I have had numerous accomplishments.  I published a book.  I lost 70 pounds.  Ran a half marathon.  Ran a marathon.  Ran a 60k trail race.  I changed my view of the world.

After each accomplishment, I always asked myself the same question, “now what?”.  It is easy and very natural to accomplish something, congratulate yourself, and then go back to your comfort zone.  This is why many people who lose weight, then gain it all back.  This is why many people run a 10k race or a half marathon, then stop running.  There is nothing that drives them to keep going.

I have experienced this many times over my lifetime and I had to change my mind set a bit.  Each accomplishment was not the end, it was just a milestone on the journey.  I call this “Living in the Challenge”.  I now crave and need a challenge ahead of me.  Challenge provides growth and improvement.  I choose to always be growing, so I must always challenge myself.

Now What?

50 mile trail race, now what?  Maybe a 100 miler?  A triathlon?

Book published, now what?  Second book?  Courses?  Coaching?

Lost 70 pounds, now what? Maybe some muscle building?

Changed my view of the world, now what? Non stop inputs, view will always be changing.

Duder’s Challenge

Are you “Living in the Challenge”?

What is on the calendar that will challenge you.

What goals and aspirations are in your head that need to be worked on?

Pick one thing and start today.

Random Running Thoughts

I had a run this week on the trail in the fog. It was one of the most peaceful and serene runs I have had. I stopped many times to just let it all soak in. Even the pups stopped to enjoy.

Have you read the book?  Did you enjoy it?…

Would you please go to Amazon and give the book a review and hopefully a 5 star rating!!!

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