Running in the Dark

As fall and winter are approaching here in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter. The sun comes up later and later every day. This means that our normal running time requires us to start our runs in the dark.

What we have found is that there is a peacefulness on the trails in the dark and early mornings. It is quieter than normal. We are running with a headlamp and can only see what the light shows us.

During these times, we turn the headphones off and just enjoy the tranquility of the moment.  It is important to find moments like these. Just tune out any and all distractions. There are many ideas and methods to do this, but you first need to understand the importance of it, then understand why you might need to find these moments.

How do you find these moments? I find them when running. The blonde finds them when she does yoga. Others have meditation practices. You can also go for your daily walk, sit down and watch a sunset, or even do some yard work.

What they all have in common is that there is no tv, no phones, or other distractions. This is you spending time with yourself. Working on those self-conversations.

Duder’s Challenge

Do you have a daily routine or practice that provides some self-time and moments of tranquility?  I would start with your daily walk, even if it is 10 minutes around the block. Leave the phone home and spend some time with yourself.

Random Running Thoughts

Woah, those sounds I do hear in the dark sure seem louder than when I hear them during the day…

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