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I have been training and preparing for a 50-mile trail race.  (11,000 feet of vertical climbing) The race is less than 3 weeks away.  This will be the longest race and probably the hardest physical thing I have ever done.

How do you prepare for something like this?  Here are some of the things I am doing:

First is my mindset.  This race will test my resolve.  It will test my fortitude.  It will test my grit.  I had a moment a few weeks ago where I was questioning myself and I considered dropping out.  I needed to figure this out!!  Had a conversation with my daughter, determined that I would have too many regrets if I did not do it, so I re-committed. 

I have also finished the race many times in my head.  I can visualize what the finish line looks like.  I can hear the people around.  I can see my family waiting for me.  I can feel my emotions as I cross the line.  It feels good.

I even wrote a letter to myself from the Dude who finished and crossed the finish line.  Dude described exactly what it would be like and exactly how I would feel.

Second is to put the training miles in.  I run a lot.  I run on the trails and try to simulate aspects of the race that I will encounter.

Third is nutrition.  I need to fuel my body to be prepared for this.  There is not one single nutrition plan that works for everyone.  I have been experimenting with my overall meals, and what to eat during the race.  Hydration is top of mind along with sodium and electrolytes.  Side note: do not do anything different on race day than you do on your training runs.  Race day is not the time to try something new.

Fourth is pure tactical.  This is the details of clothing, headlamps, socks, shoes, sunscreen, drop bags, timing to aid stations, crew, running pacer, etc..  All of the planning and logistics that go into this thing.


So, what if you took these 4 simple concepts and applied them to any big project or endeavor you want to complete. Get your mindset in place, practice and train, eat to operate optimally, and put the tactical plan in place.

Random Running Thoughts…

Wait, where did the trail go? Where the heck do I go from here?

Have you read the book?  Did you enjoy it?…

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