Hello!! I am Duder. It has taken me some time, but I have changed my owner’s life, but I still have to challenge him to keep him on track.

Here is what I have on my mind this week…

Lesson I taught Dude this week…

Dude ran the Pocatello Marathon last weekend, and he left me home!!  I could run one!  Why won’t they let me?

Running a marathon is a challenge.  It is a physical challenge and can be an extremely mental challenge.  There are moments of bliss, moments of pain and moments of questioning one’s existence.

Challenges in life are good.  We can learn and grow from them.  They keep us moving forward.  I have learned to truly embrace life’s challenges.  The happiness of overcoming and moving on from these challenges can truly define oneself.


Random Running Thoughts

While running the marathon:

Mile 6, only 20 more to go, feeling pretty good.

Mile 13, half way there, piece of cake

Mile 16, only 10 more to go, come on Dude, you got this

Mile 20, only 6 more to go, please, please only 6 more!!

Mile 21, only 5 more. Freak, 5 miles is a long way to go. What am I doing!

Mile 22, holy crap, why am I going up this hill?

Mile 23, where does this goofy course go?

Mile 24, LEG CRAMP!!!!

Mile 25, one mile, you can do one mile in your sleep!! Push on through.

Mile 26, I see it!! The finish Line!! I better run faster, people are watching.


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