Hello!! I am Duder. It has taken me some time, but I have changed my owner’s life, but I still have to challenge him to keep him on track.

Here is what I have on my mind this week…

Lesson I taught Dude this week…

We were out running on the trail.  I smelled something and decided to investigate.  It turned out to be a big pile of horse poop.  I still had to get closer, had to keep sniffing, had to investigate all angles and aspects of this horse poop.  I was even tempted to roll around in it.

I was driven by instinct.  I asked Dude why we sometimes are so driven to things that we know are bad for us?  What is the appeal?  He did not have a good answer for me, just that we all have those piles of horse crap that we are driven to in our lives.  We each have to find our own methods of avoiding them.


Random Running Thoughts…

It is end of July.  There is no more snow on the mountain, so why is there still water running in the creek?


This weeks Challenge…

Focus this week on one thing that you would consider your horse poop.  Is it something you should avoid?  If there is more than one, let’s focus this week on one. 

Make yourself a plan and a goal that you will avoid that particular thing for the next 7 days.   7 days is easy.

Find a way to track, set your intentions, make a goal, make a plan. find someone to be accountable to.

After 7 days, reevaluate and determine how you feel.  You might find that you can go keep going.

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