Forward Motion

Some thoughts from Dude.

The other day, the pups and I were out on a trail run.  It was a cold morning and I was layered up as needed to combat the cold.  After some time, your blood gets pumping and the cold is not an issue.

On this particular run, I was feeling good and hit a part of the trail with some flat trail and an easy stretch.  I took some focused time and just watched the ground as it passed beneath my feet.  I felt the forward motion as we were cruising along.

I realized how important this feeling of forward motion was to me.  My runs were symbolic of that, but I also want to feel it for other aspects of my life.  I spent a great deal of my life and time in a state of no motion, pure stagnation.  Now I want this feeling for everything.


Duder’s Challenge…

Are there things in your life where you feel stuck? No motion? Everything starts with that first step. One step is still forward motion. Take some time and focus on one thing that you need to take a step towards and take it. Begin the process of building momentum.

Find that forward motion.


Random Running Thoughts…

Woah, that is a big puddle of ice. Wonder if I could skate on that?


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