Remember your Why

Sometimes, I am not a good dog.  At our house, we have many neighbors with other dogs, horses and other animals.  My favorite activity is to go out and play with all my friends.

But, Dude does not like that.  I look for opportunities to sneak out and run away and play.  Dude will call to me, he will even yell at me, but I just ignore him. 

I wonder how Dude is going to teach me that this behavior is not good and not acceptable.  Maybe he should put a shock collar on me?  He could come find me, yell at me, smack me and punish me?  Maybe he can go the treat route and try to bride me with yummy treats?  Whatever he will do, I do think it will take some time and require his patience.

How can I teach Dude that there are behaviors that he does or doesn’t do that are not good and not acceptable?  How can I keep him on track and keep him moving forward?  I don’t think a shock collar will work on him.

I tell him to remember his ‘Why’.  I even bought him a bracelet that says “Remember Your Why”  He wears it every day.  This gives him constant reminders of why he does things or does not do other things.

I ask him every day how his behaviors will affect his Future Self. 

I make sure he writes in his journal every day to get his thoughts out of his head and log his daily successes.

I also make sure he goes out for his daily walk or run, no matter what.

Duder’s Challenge…

We all have to find techniques to essentially train ourselves to change our behaviors.  If you keep doing the same thing you are doing, you will always get the same result.  I challenge you to pick one behavior in your daily routine that needs to be different.  Focus on that one thing and do something different.  Reflect back in 7 days and decide if that change had an impact.

Random Running Thoughts…

First 2 miles out: Feeling good and I am moving along pretty good!!

Next 2 miles back: This wind in my face is hard to run in, slowing me down. Now I understand why the first 2 miles was so easy!!. I had the wind blowing on my back.

Have you read the book?  Did you enjoy it?…

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