Are you ready to start the Duder's Challenge Program?

Here’s how it works…



Step 1

Go for a daily walk.

This is non-negotiable.

Outside is best.

No phone is best.

This is a time for self reflection, contemplation, and idea generation.

Step 2

Download the Transformation Starter Kit

This kit will guide you through the 3 starting points. 

Awareness, Choice, and Why

Step 3

You will commit to one new thing in your life every 7 days.

The first 7 days is your daily walk.

Then next 7 days is one thing that you need to change.

Could be something you need to do or something you should not do.

Pick something from your the list and incorporate.

7 Days later, pick the next item and incorporate.


Step 4

Hashtag #duderschallenge for any social media posting you do.

Step 5

Pay attention to your progress

Track things with an app if you need to

Acknowledge your successes daily


Get In Touch

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