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I am a member of my local Toastmasters club. If anyone is not aware of what Toastmasters is, this is from their web site: “Toastmasters

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Ups and Downs

Highs and LowsPeaks and ValleysCrests and TroughsPinnacles and HollowsLife is a roller coaster Okay, enough of the platitudes. Our lives will always have its ups

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Go Away Jeff

Over the last few years, I have made some significant changes in my life. Changes in my mindset, the food and nutrition I eat, and

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Fear and Regrets

When I turned 50 years old, I had what could be classified as a midlife crisis of sorts. I was not happy with myself and

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I’m Hungry

It’s been about 3 and a half weeks since my 50 mile race. During the race I hit some serious walls and had some struggles

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50 Miler – Complete

Last weekend, I finished my 50 mile trail race. Looking back it was a great experience. During the event, it was hard, painful and mentally

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