Do you have any or set any expectations for yourself? Do these come in the form of goals or daily habits?

For the longest time in my life, any expectations of me came from others. Others being my job / superiors, my family, my spouse, my church, etc. My mind was always thinking that I had to live my life up to the expectations that other set for me.

Living like this can be hard, because I always seemed to fail all of the other entities. Never did I meet what they expected of me. Most of the time, the expectations were not clear or defined, I was just assuming what they were and therefore always missing the mark.

However, I now set my own expectation of myself. I know when I meet them and I know when I don’t. My expectations fall under the category of my personal values, my mission or purpose, maybe even my ethos. I spend time defining my values and then defining my expectations of myself.

When you do this, you are then better able to and be more equipped to be of value to those around you, your family, your community or even your job.

Duder’s Challenge
Think about this idea a bit. Are you living your life according to your or other people’s expectations?

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