Go Away Jeff

Over the last few years, I have made some significant changes in my life. Changes in my mindset, the food and nutrition I eat, and my physical activities.

This is a lot of change and I incorporated several techniques to make the changes that I absolutely needed to make.

One particular technique is the creation of a new version of me. I call him Dude. That is where Dude came from, he is the new version.As life goes on and challenges arise, I have a big problem with the old version of me creeping back into existence. He invades my motivation, my mindset, old thought patterns and desires to go back to what I thought was my comfort zone.

When I look in the mirror, I can see him lurking back there behind me, wanting to come forward. This has been a big problem in recent months.
Duder’s Challenge

Even if you have some simple things you want to change, you need to adopt this idea of a new version of you. The new you has the discipline, has the desire, has the vision to accomplish what you want to do.

I am working again to get that old version of me back out of my existence. It can be as simple of asking myself, “what would Dude do?” I also close my eyes and imagine Jeff fading away.

I am still Jeff and everyone knows me as Jeff. But in my mind, I think of him as the old Jeff. I don’t want that old version of me around anymore.  Go away Jeff!

If you need change, then you need to create a new you.
Random Running Thoughts

Guys!! Leave that bird alone!! You can’t drag me around like this!!

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