Holiday Survival

Thanksgiving weekend is over. Anyone else still recovering from eating way too much food and too many pieces of pie?

I have a race on the calendar in February. A big part of my training plan is my nutrition; overeating food and eating buckets of sugar are not part of the plan. Why can’t I maintain my discipline? It is so easy to use the holiday, and even the other days of the weekend, as an excuse to eat whatever I want.

After the weekend, I started to feel the effects of my over indulgence. My runs and general feeling over the last few days have not been great and it is from the food I ate.

I am now worried about how I am going to get through the Christmas week without falling into the deep depths of bad eating and behaviors again.

I do believe that you need to live and enjoy your life, but I need to balance that enjoyment with my need to maintain a training plan for my race. I am working on what my intentions are for the Christmas week. If I determine what they should be and set my plan, then I will be better able to stay on track.

Duder’s Challenge

Do you have a history of using holidays as an excuse to overindulge? This could be food, desserts, alcohol, or other things. Is it a potential problem?

Maybe you need to make a plan of how you are going to survive that Christmas week. 

Moderation and no over-indulgence is a good way to plan for the week.

Random Running Thoughts

I need to figure out what temperature is too cold for the dogs to run with me. I may need to get them some little dog shoes.

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