I’m Hungry

It’s been about 3 and a half weeks since my 50 mile race. During the race I hit some serious walls and had some struggles to finish. It was an absolute exhausting experience.Now that I can look back on the event, I have nothing but good memories and truly enjoyed it.I now find that I am hungry for more. I have another 50 mile race in about 3 months, and this one will be even more of a challenge that the first one. But I am looking forward to the experience.
Duder’s Challenge
Pushing yourself to your limits is a learning experience. It is a chance to explore your inner determinations.This does not have to be physical limits, like a 50 miler race, but can be any aspect of your life that takes you outside of your comfort zone.I encourage you to incorporate challenges in your life, might be your diet, your relationships, your job. Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable, but moves you forward.
Random Running Thoughts
Daylight savings sure messes with my early morning runs!! Back to complete darkness again.

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