Life is a Trail Run

“There is no end to this trail. There is no stopping point. It goes on and on. There are hills to climb, rocks to navigate, and twists, turns, and hazards to watch for along the way.

There are also easy sections: downhill, smooth, and straight.

You are always with yourself on the trail. You might have a partner or companion on the trail with you as well – maybe even a couple of dogs. You are all in it together.

There is beauty all around. There are trees, rocks, dirt, flowers, rivers, and waterfalls. There is a great deal to absorb and appreciate, so let the sun warm you, breathe the clean air, listen to the sounds surrounding you, and smile.

Life truly is about the journey.”

That is a quote from my book.

Duder’s Challenge
Are you waiting for something to happen to be happy? Are you waiting for someone else to give you peace? Are you waiting for the world to define your success for you?

We live our lives in our own heads. Life is what we make it, mostly by how we think about it. If you have a basic mindset that if you get that thing or accomplish that goal, then you will be happy, then this thinking will torture you for the rest of your life.

I challenge you to wake up every morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are happy. Tell yourself that you have found peace. Be happy and peaceful.

It has taken me 7 years to think about and truly appreciate the idea of life as the journey. I try to embrace it, acknowledge it, and enjoy it.

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