The Road of Life

Duder and I go walking every morning, (I walk, he runs around in crazy mode).  We have a couple of different places we like to go.  We found this old abandoned road that is perfect for walks.  I walk straight down the road, Duder is all over the place, out in the weeds, jumping through the bushes, one time he chased a rabbit down the road for a while.

duder road

Got me thinking,,,

We all have the Road of Life that we are always traveling on.  We do not know where it goes.  Sometimes the road is smooth and straight, but there is always going to be potholes, blind corners, and hazards.  How we travel this road defines us.

A theme of mine is: “Life is what you make it”.  This is very relevant to our road.  As we travel the road, one thing we can control is our view of it.  Do we see a cracked ugly road?  Do we see a boring straight road?  Do we see the cool mountains ahead of us?  Do we see the clear blue sky?

Let’s learn from Duder.  When he in on the road, he is always enjoying it.  Finding other things to see, other aspects of the road that I may not notice.  The road will continue, it does not end.  Our ability to make it a good road depends on our ability to make it good in our minds.  The ugly road can be a beautiful road, if we let it.

Frustrating things….

When Duder gets up in the middle of the night and has to go out, it it quite annoying.  I put him the back yard and wait.  This is him looking in the window with great disappointment.  Why can’t I come in?!!  This has got to be very frustrating for him.  He wants back in, but he has to wait for a bit…


Got me thinking,,,

Are there things in our life that are frustrating but out of our control?  Perfect example is butter.  I was making toast the other day.  Plop some bread in the toaster, get out the butter only to find the butter dish empty.  I then have to get out a rock hard cube from the freezer.  How are you supposed to butter toast with rock hard butter?  (yeah, I know, nuke it for a bit, then it gets messy, etc.. etc..)  Frustrating.

Every Saturday, there is a collective moan of frustration across the world for everyone mowing the lawn.  I’m talking about the inevitable event of your edger running out of string.  You are edging along, then boom, no more plastic string.  I usually utter some choice words, whine and complain a bit, then go about the task of putting more in.  Not an easy task.  I think about everyone mowing their lawn and we are collectively whining about the edger string.  I think it disrupts the universe with a massive surge of negative energy.

Duder eventually gets in, the lawn eventually gets finished, and the butter will melt on the toast.  How do we control our emotions and not let these uncontrollable events control us?  We have things like this all the time and in every aspect of our lives.  If they are out of our control; stop, take a breath, evaluate, and respond to the situation. (not react)

Of course, if they are events that are we can control, then take action.

Marking our Territory…

When Duder first started to lift his leg to pee, it kind of freaked the blonde out a bit.  She thought it was sign that he was out looking for a mate.  Not true (although if he found one, he certainly knows what to do).  Dogs do this to mark their territory.  To tell the other dogs that, “this is my turf and I am here!!”


Got me thinking…

Do we as humans do this?  Do we mark our territory?  (No, not with pee.)

I have a man cave in my basement.  I like to think that it it my room and I can do with it what I like.  The blonde thinks differently.  She is always trying to sneak decorations in.  She is marking her territory, IN MY MAN CAVE!!!

She put this cute little bowl and cute little balls of some kind in.  Now I ask you, bowldoes this fit in a man cave??!!

Now, I will admit that there are certain things that I do that might be considered marking my territory.  For example,

  • When I am out in the wood shop and walk in the house, I pretty much leave a trail of sawdust everywhere.  It is a manly trail though..
  • Pretty sure I leave a bad scent everywhere inside after doing something outside.
  • Every time I go in the kitchen, I leave my mark.

There are some times when the blonde leaves her mark and I like it.  When she leaves a room, but I can still smell her sweet scent.  I like that.

action figures

The blonde did tell me that I could put a Wonder Woman action figure in my cave.  I would do this for her though, so that she could mark my territory.  Yes, it would be for her, not for me at all.  Wonder Woman would stand proudly next to Captain America and Thor.  (I think the blonde has a crush on Thor)

Let’s learn from Duder.  Mark our territories, but, leave good marks.  Positive interactions.  Smiling people everywhere we go.

Simple Gestures

Duder and I go for a walk every morning.  We drive over to a place where he can go off leash.  As we drive over, he will occasionally put his head on my shoulder.  It is amazing how this simple gesture can just make my day.  It is his way of showing affection for me,,(either that or he is telling me to “hurry up, I have to pee!!”)


Got me thinking…

What are the simple gestures we do for those around us?  For me, it is very easy to get so wrapped up and worried about my world that I forget the needs of everyone else.   Everyone has stress and worries in life.  A simple act of kindness can truly make a huge difference for someone.  We do not know what is going on in other’s minds.  Take the time a do something small for someone else around you.  These can be simple things, like a genuine smile, handwritten note, text to say hi, hugs, etc…

Let’s learn from Duder, make someone’s day with a simple gesture.

Personal Space

Duder doespace dudes not understand the concept of personal space.  If you are sitting down somewhere, he wants to be on your lap.  He wants to be in your space and in your world.  I work from home and he loves to jump up on my chair and help me work.  (he is not a very good worker though…)

Got me thinking…

There are people we associate with who like to get into our personal space.  Sometimes we like and appreciate it, sometimes we do not.  I also believe that we sometimes push people away when maybe we shouldn’t.

space blonde

Also, do we get into other people’s personal space when maybe we shouldn’t?  I do think there is a line that can be crossed as we interact with our fellow human beings.

However, we are human and it is easy for us to put up our walls and tell everyone to get out.  Is that healthy?  Maybe we need to let them into our personal space.

For people close to us, they may have the walls up, but inside that are wanting us to punch a hole in the wall and come in, because they do not know where the door is.

Let’s learn from Duder.  Simple acts go along way.  He just wants to be there with us, without saying a word, he is communicating a lot.  He will listen to anything we tell him.



Natural Behaviors

We had to put up a new sign for Duder.  He has not been obeying the sign.  Look at him!!  Giving me that sarcastic gaze, telling me; “I don’t care what sign you put up, I’m going to hump this pillow!”


Of course, this is natural behavior for dogs, male and female.  It can be controlled with,,,,well,,,,I actually don’t know how it can be controlled.

Got me thinking,,,,  (no, it did not get me thinking about that…)

Do we all have natural behaviors in our lives?  Are the things we do natural behaviors or are they learned behaviors?  Let’s explore.

Q:  Is it natural for me to leave the toilet seat up?

A:  Yes.  Several reasons why.  Men are proud of their work, they want to leave it on display.  Also, we generally wait until that last second to go, so we have to have that seat up for convenience.  Also, it is just too much work to put the stupid thing down.  Also, how would Duder get anything to drink if the seat was down?

Q:  Is it natural for the blonde to put the toilet seat down?

A:  Yes.  Several reasons why.  Women are not proud of their work, (at least not in this area).  Also, it is a clean and tidy thing, just looks messy not being down.  Also, it is simply something that she likes to harass me about.

Q:  Is it natural for me to go golfing?

A:  Yes.  Swinging a stick and hitting something as hard as you can is a very natural behavior.  Goes back to the days of halving to hit your dinner with a stick in order to even have dinner.

Q:  Is it natural for me to me to ignore the blonde on occasion?

A:  Yes.  Men have simple minds.  One thought at a time.  If a thought comes in, then there is not any room for anything else, so we have to follow that thought to the end.  Even in the thought is “how did my baseball team lose last night?”

Q:  Is it natural for the blonde to shop?  all the time?

A:  Yes.  Shopping for the blonde is not about actually buying anything.  The experience and the process of looking at stuff seems to the motivation.  However, as the blonde gets older, this behavior seems to be going away.  She is now more like me, get in and out asap.

So, let’s learn from Duder, (no, let’s not hump everything all the time), let’s let some of our natural behavior out on occasion.  At least until the blonde tells you to stop.

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Duder Hugs

This is pic of Duder and the Blonde.  We call these “Duder Hugs”.  Duder loves his hugs and every second of attention that you will give him.  Sometimes he demands attention, sometimes he will just take what he can get.  The Vizsla breed is sometimes referred to as the Velcro dog, and Duder fits that description perfectly.

duder hugs

Got me thinking…

Dog breeds are different.  Individual dogs are different.  Some like the “Hugs” more than others.  The Blonde falls into the category of loving hugs, but I do not necessarily like hugs.  But, just because I do not, does not mean that I should deprive the blonde of what she needs.

I think it is important to always try and give your significant other what they need, whether you like it or not.  We should all know what the other one in our life needs, based on their personality.  Everyone has a different love language.  It is a very unselfish act to not worry about what you need all the time.

Learn from Duder, and give Hugs to those who need it.

The Wag

Duder has a lethal weapon.  This tail of his can be dangerous.  I have been whacked with this thing many times.  He truly gets going when someone comes home, especially when he sees the blonde.  She will walk in the door and Duder goes crazy, wagging that weapon like a mad man.  (I would like to find a way to calculate the speed it is moving,,,)


Got me thinking…

This is a way that Duder expresses excitement and happiness.  He cannot control it.  He is just plain happy to see the blonde.

Do I get this excited to see the blonde?  When anyone comes home and sees this much excitement from someone, it really makes you feel good.  But, do I express that much excitement when I see the blonde to make her feel good?  Why not?  (one reason is that I don’t have a tail, and cannot shake my butt like that)  I should be doing this everytime I see her.  I should be showing her that I am grateful for her.

Guys, we need to learn from Duder.  Be excited to see our wives and girlfriends.  Show them we love them and are excited to see them.  Make them feel good.  Show them we are grateful for them.

Shake that butt and wag that tail.

Footprints we Leave

Below is a pile of dirt that Duder found and he had some fun playing.  He left many footprints all over the hill.  (could not capture a pic of him on the hill as he was running around like a maniac)


Got me thinking….

What are the footprints we leave?  Everyday we go to work, engage with our families, interact with people on many different occasions.  What kind of impression do we leave?  Every interaction we have some other people will have an impact on them.  Likewise, every interaction they have with us will leave an impact on us.  Many times this impact is minimal or nothing.  But, many times we can have a big impact.

I believe that we should always be aware of how our footprints might impact people.  We  should always strive to have positive impact on everyone.  Be upbeat and caring about them and their situations.  Simply smiling is a good footprint to leave.  Show people that you are happy to see them.  Don’t let your bad mood transfer to them.

Duder’s footprints are happy footprints.  Let’s follow his example and leave nothing but positive footprints everywhere we go.

Make the Best…

There are times when Duder has to spend time in the backyard.  He is by himself, which he does not like.  The other day, I looked outside and saw him sleeping under the smoker.  It was hot and he needed shade.  He also likes to stay close to the door and monitor the house, looking for signs that someone will open the door.


He made the best of the situation.

Do we always make the best of the situations we are in?  I have always found it to be an interesting topic.  There seems to be a couple of lines of discussion;  The first is to always make do with what you have, find peace with where you are in life, be happy, no matter what.

The second is the opposite, where you should always strive for something better, never be happy with where you are and go get something more, never be satisfied, always be better.

I like to operate somewhere in the middle.  I am firm believer is setting goals for yourself, wanting things in your life, better job and so forth…  At the same time, you can never find peace in your life if you do not appreciate the things that you do have in your life.  We can always find something to be grateful for.  We should never take those things for granted.

So, follow the example of Duder.  Make the best of what you have.  Take the time to look around and appreciate life.  Remember, Life is what you make it.