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Podcast #935: Dog as Cure for the Midlife Malaise

Maybe you’re in a midlife slump. Maybe you’re unhappy in your job and marriage. Maybe you’re inactive and overweight. Maybe you’ve tried to change your life before but can’t seem to make the changes stick. What do you need to do to finally turn things around?

My guest would say that the answer might be getting a dog.

Jeff Goodrich is the author of Dude and Duder: How My Dog Saved My Life. Today on the show, Jeff shares what his life was like at age 49 before getting Duder the Dog, and how Duder sparked changes that helped him lose 70 pounds, repair his relationships, and find real happiness. Along the way, we talk about advice that can apply to anyone trying to get out of the midlife slump, even if you don’t own a dog, although Jeff would say you really should get one.



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