Podcast Guest – Surviving the Side Hustle

From Daily Walks to Ultra-Marathons: Jeff’s Journey of Health and Resilience

Embark on an enthralling journey with our latest guest, Jeff, as he recounts his transformative leap from an unhealthy lifestyle to becoming a beacon of health and endurance. Jeff’s story is a testament to the undeniable power of taking that first step—his began with daily strolls alongside his faithful dog, Duder, and led to an awe-inspiring 70-pound weight loss and preparation for the rigors of a 50-mile ultra-marathon. Within the pages of his newly published book and through our conversation, Jeff offers a raw and revealing look at the synergy between his physical transformation and the rebirth of his mental resilience, alongside the blossoming of his personal relationships.

As we navigate through Jeff’s training regime and the psychological strategies that fuel his relentless pursuit, we uncover the importance of reframing goals and embracing a fresh perspective. An amusing epiphany during one of his dog walks stands as a metaphor for life’s often overlooked vantage points, which he brilliantly captures in his written work. The discussion is both light-hearted and profound, uncovering how Jeff custom-tailored his training to fit his individual narrative, proving that one size does not fit all when it comes to personal progress.

Rounding out our chat, we delve into the lifestyle alterations that not only contributed to Jeff’s astonishing weight loss but also enhanced his cognitive clarity, thanks to a ketogenic, low-carb diet. The chapter of personal growth anchors heavily on Jeff’s 5 AM walks, which evolved from a mere routine to the foundation of his new existence, warding off the ghosts of past indulgences. Stay tuned for the launch of Jeff’s “Power of Dog” podcast and his potential coaching programs, promising to offer guidance to those intent on forging their own paths of transformation.

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