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Paws for Thought: ‘Dude and Duder’s’ Tail-Wagging Transformation

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Welcome, listeners, near and far! You’re tuned into The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast, the nexus where wisdom meets curiosity, especially tailored for those of us celebrating the silver streaks of experience in our hair. Today’s episode is brought to you by GoldCo, Gold & Bullion, and the Sleep Journey Chair from Journey Health and Lifestyle. I’m your host, Paul Vogelzang, broadcasting to you live from the heart of inspiration and experience just outside Washington, D.C.


In this episode, we’re peeling back the layers of life’s rich tapestry to reveal how moments of change can be as golden as the years they enrich. Our focus today is not just any story of transformation; it’s the tale of ‘Dude and Duder: How My Dog Saved My Life,’ a narrative that reminds us it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or, indeed, to learn a few ourselves. Today’s guest is the author of the book ‘Dude and Duder: How My Dog Saved My Life,’ Jeff Goodrich.


We’re about to dive deep into the waters of renewal and rejuvenation, guided by our special guest whose life was profoundly altered by a tail-wagging, four-legged philosopher named Duder. Together, they charted a course through the often choppy waters of midlife, finding safe harbor in the lessons of love, loyalty, and the courage to change.

As many in our Not Old Better Show audience can attest, pets are more than companions; they’re catalysts for change. In today’s conversation, we’ll explore how our animal friends shape our health, happiness, and the essence of our daily lives.

But it’s not just about the heartwarming wag of a tail; it’s about the holistic transformation journey—mind, body, and soul. It’s about shedding the weight of the past to embrace a lighter, brighter future. We’ll examine the strategies and mindsets that our community, particularly those of us who have reached the 60-year mark, can adopt.

Looking forward, we’ll also delve into the legacies we’re creating. What does it mean to ‘take the leashes off’ at this stage in life? How can we unleash our full potential, and what can we pass on to the ones we cherish?


So, wherever you are, settle in and prepare for a heartwarming ride. Whether you’re listening while sipping your morning coffee or while winding down from your day, I invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this adventure together, right here on The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast. The story of ‘Dude and Duder’ begins now.

My thanks to our sponsors today, GoldCo, Gold & Bullion, and Sleep Journey Chair from Journey Health and Lifestyle. Please support our sponsors, as they, in turn, support the show. My thanks to Jeff Goodrich, author of the new book, ‘Dude and Duder: How My Dog Saved My Life,’ and my thanks to you, my wonderful audience here on radio and podcast. Please be well, be safe, and Let’s Talk About Better© The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast. Thanks, everybody, and we’ll see you next week.

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