Rise above the Muck

The pups and I were out for a morning run the other day. We left the house in the dark and fog. As we continued our run up the road, we finally came out of the muck and saw the sun and this lake of clouds down below…

We had climbed out of the muck and had a very nice view up above the clouds. We paused and soaked it all in for a bit.

Duder’s Challenge

This got me thinking…There are so many times in our lives that we live in what I call the muck. Whether it is the news, tv, social media, work, and stresses of life. We get so wrapped up in these things that is truly affects us and can shut us down.

Every day, we need to find something to do that helps us rise above the muck.

Some ideas:
– Go for a walk, without your phone
– Mediate
– Yoga
– Go for a run

Find something where there are no distractions and a place to spend some time with yourself.

I recommend creating a practice of doing this every day.

Rise above the muck.
Random Running Thoughts

Leave the turkey alone,,,leave the turkey alone,,,LEAVE THE TURKEY ALONE!!!

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