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  • Duder got Neutered…

    Yep, we decided to take Duder and get him neutered.  As the blonde likes to put it, he lost his balls.  (in fact, at one point she told me to chop them off and hang them from my truck)  After the procedure, one of my daughters asked me this question: “Dad, are you going to […]

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  • Duder Loves Star Trek

    He loves Star Trek.  He has a captain’s chair bed, sleeps in a Star Trek bed on a Star Trek blanket, and has a Star Trek name tag.  He tells me all the time how much he likes it.  Ok, maybe he doesn’t, he is a dog after all.  But I love it and so […]

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  • The Road of Life

    Duder and I go walking every morning, (I walk, he runs around in crazy mode).  We have a couple of different places we like to go.  We found this old abandoned road that is perfect for walks.  I walk straight down the road, Duder is all over the place, out in the weeds, jumping through […]

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  • Simple Gestures

    Duder and I go for a walk every morning.  We drive over to a place where he can go off leash.  As we drive over, he will occasionally put his head on my shoulder.  It is amazing how this simple gesture can just make my day.  It is his way of showing affection for me,,(either […]

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