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Training – in the toilet?

Training a puppy is fun!!!  Teaching them what to do, what not to do… It can be exhausting.  Duder has been pretty good in his training.  We put a bell by the back door and he rings when he needs to go out.  This has backfired a bit as he will ring it when he is not getting the attention that he wants.  The blond even thought she could teach him how to go in the toilet,,, see video below.

Got me thinking,,,,  am I trained?  Has the blonde trained me over the years?  Holy Crap!!  she has me so trained it’s scary.  examples:

  • She can look at me with one particular look in her eyes and I know that I need to go to the store and get her ice cream.  Don’t even have to ask.
  • If she calls me on the phone, the tone of her voice gives me instruction, no need to listen to the words.  I am trained to obey.
  • She says:  “this wall is too empty” – I obey by walking to the shop and building a shelf.
  • She comes into my man cave, I hand her the remote.
  • She folds her arms, I get her a blanket.
  • She says: “Honey Bunny….”  I grab her key and go fill her car up with gas.
  • The list goes on…but I get my treat, so I am happy.
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