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Attachment and Heartbreak

Last week, the blonde and I took Duder and Daisy out for a walk in the hills by our house.  It is a good place to go, with many trails and they can run ofdaisy2f leash.   On our way back from the walk, Daisy ran out into a dirt road and was hit by a truck.  We did not see it happen, but we heard her cry out.  We ran to where she was, one of her back legs was broken along with other injuries.  She was scared and in pain.  I was able to pick her up, load her into the truck then head straight to the animal hospital.

The scene was very unpleasant, and I do not like to think about it.

Thorough exams took place, options were limited.  Daisy ended up having her back leg amputated.  She is recovering from the surgery and has other injuries that need to heal.  She still has a long way to go.  We are hopeful and encouraged so far.

Got me thinking…

First, why such attachment to a dog?  She is “just a dog” right?  In our case, the answer was no.  She is not just a dog.  Our kids have moved out and these two “dogs” are our next generation kids.  They are with us everywhere we go.  They are part of our family.  The blonde and I are heartbroken that this happened to our little girl.

Second, are tdaisy1here other things in life that we are attached to?  I own a motorcycle and I do have somewhat of an attachment to it.  There are times when I might even think it is part of the family, but the blonde does not, so she makes me keep it outside.  I even had plans to build a ramp up the front porch and park it in the living room.  Would I be heartbroken if something happened to my bike?  Maybe.

Third, what should we truly be attached to in our life?  Is it the objects, like my motorcycle?  Or is it the people in our lives.  I would argue that it should be the people, primarily friends and family.  They are irreplaceable.

So, don’t forget your truly important attachments and let them know.

I have an attachment to the blonde and she has an attachment to me (especially when she is riding on the back of the bike with me.  She is holding on for dear life  😊)


A new member of the family


This week, we picked up a new member of our family.  Say to hello to Daisy.  She is a Vizsla, just like Duder.  We are happy to give her a home and new big brother.  We picked her out of a litter of Pups and brought her home.

Got me thinking,,,

Neither Daisy or Duder picked who their owners would be.  They did not choose who their family is.  This is true for us as well.  We all have families and we did not pick any of them.  (maybe a spouse, but not the family that comes along with that)

Duder and Daisy

Oh the fun of families.  I am pretty sure that I am the one in my family that everyone finds the most annoying.  But, they did not pick me 🙂  They are forced to have me 🙂  There will always be aspects of our families that can drive us crazy, or is that just me?  How we choose to react and interact with our family is up to each of us.

Duder and Daisy are happy with us.  They choose to be so.  (simple thought for sure, but true)  We should also find the good in every member of our family and be grateful for having them in our lives.  Learn how to interact with all of them in a manner that is best for them.  This will make life easier for you.

Let’s learn from Duder, if someone from your family feeds you, be happy and lick their face.

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Natural Behaviors

We had to put up a new sign for Duder.  He has not been obeying the sign.  Look at him!!  Giving me that sarcastic gaze, telling me; “I don’t care what sign you put up, I’m going to hump this pillow!”


Of course, this is natural behavior for dogs, male and female.  It can be controlled with,,,,well,,,,I actually don’t know how it can be controlled.

Got me thinking,,,,  (no, it did not get me thinking about that…)

Do we all have natural behaviors in our lives?  Are the things we do natural behaviors or are they learned behaviors?  Let’s explore.

Q:  Is it natural for me to leave the toilet seat up?

A:  Yes.  Several reasons why.  Men are proud of their work, they want to leave it on display.  Also, we generally wait until that last second to go, so we have to have that seat up for convenience.  Also, it is just too much work to put the stupid thing down.  Also, how would Duder get anything to drink if the seat was down?

Q:  Is it natural for the blonde to put the toilet seat down?

A:  Yes.  Several reasons why.  Women are not proud of their work, (at least not in this area).  Also, it is a clean and tidy thing, just looks messy not being down.  Also, it is simply something that she likes to harass me about.

Q:  Is it natural for me to go golfing?

A:  Yes.  Swinging a stick and hitting something as hard as you can is a very natural behavior.  Goes back to the days of halving to hit your dinner with a stick in order to even have dinner.

Q:  Is it natural for me to me to ignore the blonde on occasion?

A:  Yes.  Men have simple minds.  One thought at a time.  If a thought comes in, then there is not any room for anything else, so we have to follow that thought to the end.  Even in the thought is “how did my baseball team lose last night?”

Q:  Is it natural for the blonde to shop?  all the time?

A:  Yes.  Shopping for the blonde is not about actually buying anything.  The experience and the process of looking at stuff seems to the motivation.  However, as the blonde gets older, this behavior seems to be going away.  She is now more like me, get in and out asap.

So, let’s learn from Duder, (no, let’s not hump everything all the time), let’s let some of our natural behavior out on occasion.  At least until the blonde tells you to stop.

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