The wisdom of a 6 year old

The blonde and I needed to go to a few stores and run some errands. We decided to take our 6 year old granddaughter with us.

Before our trip, a bit of an argument about something trivial began between the blonde and I. This continued in the car with the 6 year old in the back seat.

From my perspective, I was 100% in the right and the blonde was 100% in the wrong. But she would not listen to me and our little argument continued.

We got to store and the 6 year old came with me and the blonde went to a different part of the store.

As I was walking along, the six year old looked at me and said, “Beebop, you were rude. You are mean. You go tell grammy you are sorry right now. I’m going to tell my mommy on you.” (and yes, she did tell her mommy on me)

My first instinct was to state my case and argue with the 6 year old. But, holy cow. When your granddaughter informs you of how bad your behavior is, that hits home pretty hard.

I realized in that moment how right the 6 year old was and how wrong I was with my treatment of the blonde.

Duder’s Challenge

Maybe we need to make things a bit simpler for ourselves. Do we need to think like a 6 year old?

She was an observer to the emotions, not really understanding the words and why we were arguing. Her observation was that my emotions and actions were the bad behavior, and she was right.

If you begin an argument of any kind with anyone, imagine a six year old watching. What would they think about it?

Second challenge, never argue in front of your kids or grandkids!!

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